Recovering an inner mask was a blow to many businesses, but for those in the fitness industry it felt like a gut punch.

Although most customers are well-dressed in the grocery store and don’t mind walking to the restaurant table, several gym owners have reported that customers are much less willing to put on workouts again.

From the first day of her new mask mandate, Molly Niles Renshaw, owner of Phoenix Classical Pilates, saw a drop in enrollment for her classes. The Pilates Company made an effort to continue to float in the pandemic using online classes and a small indoor space, and began to regain momentum.

“Some people didn’t want to get in until they put on the mask because they feel like they can’t breathe and exercise. I finally got the business back and started working again and now people have left,” Renshaw said.

Before the mandatory inner masquerade was back, Phoenix Pilates was already requiring all clients to go to class to prove the vaccine. For Renshaw, this exacerbated the frustration of the mask’s mandate, which was set in response to rising cases of uninsulated residents and hospitalizations.

“I always followed protocols and got vaccinated whenever I could, but now I feel punished for the sins of other people,” he said.

Bruce Bair, owner of Santa Monica Yoga, asked all clients to prove the vaccine before going to class.

In his view, the mask order is so inhibiting for businesses that he has decided to close the studio again. For now, the business is backtracking on the pandemic model of virtual classrooms and classrooms.

“It simply came to our notice then. I recognize that there is a real problem, so I don’t blame the health department, “said Bair.” But I wish there was no hesitation in putting in place a system for verifying vaccine data at the local, state and federal levels, “he added. adding that they would be able to stay.

While the demand for fitness businesses continues to be reduced by pandemic-related restrictions, companies can no longer benefit from pandemic-related support programs. Many commercial owners have returned to charge full or almost full rent and less subsidy is available.

“On June 15, finally,‘ okay now we have a chance to try to turn it back ’, but that (mask mandate) is just another delay to be made, and it’s hard because the PPP’s money is gone,” Bair said.

For Tom Williams, owner of the Burn Fitness gym, his biggest complaint with mask authority is not the loss of the business, but the consistent way in which it is applied to different industries due to employee fatigue and different industries.

Burn is fortunate to have a large outdoor rooftop space that can accommodate physical group classes, cycling schools and plenty of gym equipment. However, there are some equipments that are able to be placed only inside the house, which can cause friction between the members of the gym and they need to be constantly reminded to keep the mask over their nose.

“We are tired of being a police officer who makes sure that everyone does things the way the City or the County wants them to, so we don’t get fined,” Williams said. “We were inspected nine times at Covid.”

This week Williams was furious as he walked down the boardwalk and looked inside a local bar and restaurant, saying he was packed with customers without masks. Under current health regulations, restaurants and bars can operate at full capacity and customers do not need to wear a mask when eating or drinking.

“It was free for everyone; no one was wearing masks, they were shoulder to shoulder in the bar, the tables were full, “Williams said.” We’re talking about a place that can’t be more than 1,000 square feet; but I have a 10,000-square-foot ceiling, vaulted ceilings, 30-foot wide doors and skylights However, we need to be on the mask 24/7. “

None of the fitness business owners agree with the need to control Covid-19 cases in County County, but they believe the current mask mandate is not the fairest and most effective way to do so.

“We’re the only county that wears masks in the country again, so that’s worrisome,” Williams said. “But, the reality is that people are dying and if it prevents a person from being killed, I think I have to be with them. But we’re all exhausted.”