Dear Editor,

The defending champion of the West Indies knocked Sri Lanka out of the 2021T20 World Cup today Thursday 2021-11-04, in the process of completing one of the most embarrassing performances of a T20 World Cup champion I can remember. Expert selectors saw it as “appropriate and appropriate” to send the oldest team to the tournament including “older citizens” who had to bend the rules and, in the process, dismissed those who justified their selection based on performance and younger ones. The conclusion from day 1 was that when England were humiliated after running 55 (the lowest score in the T20 World Cup matches) the madness of the selectors was higher than the level any sensible person could have imagined.

Gayle was given a fitness exception to win the selection, except for the bright selectors, who all knew he had passed his best. He averaged 7.50 runs in 4 games in 4 games. He enjoyed the same facility as Rampaul scored 2 wickets in each of 48 runs and had to hide to deliver when he was called up as a strike pilot. Collectively, Gayle, Pollard, Russell, Bravo and Simmons ran 118 in 4 games consuming 163 balls, with the following averages:

• Gayle – 7.5

• Pollard – 11.5

• Russell – 1.75

• Bravo – 4.0

• Simmons – 4.75

These are the “Champions” WI selectors between the ages of 42 and 33 who believed they would win the last T20 World Cup they won in 2016. Significantly, the main selector for “X FACTOR,” Oshane Thomas, was not even selected for anyone. of the 4 games played and Jason Holder, who had to sign due to an injury to Mc Coy, immediately had a positive impact with the WI winning that match. Ironically, after being ruled out of the first 2 games lost Chase informed us that he had entered the only game they had won and gave us 30 more valuable races, which saved us from more embarrassment.

Anyone who follows cricket now knows that T20 cricket is played differently four years ago, and it’s obvious that neither the coach nor the selectors were looking at the tournaments, and as a result, they weren’t aware of the reality. If my conclusion is wrong, they have serious challenges. In power games the days of races 60 and 70 are over or they are few and far between. Most balls adapt to the conditions of the game and force you to play proper bowling changes and bowls on midfield trips, with aggressive runs between wickets, keeping wickets intact, reducing point balls and then at the last 5 overs or accelerating. Many bowlers have successfully adopted strategies to reduce large strokes, most of which are available when a ball loses its length or throws the wrong line.

The West Indies were sadly found and their big blows could not be saved in 2021. Gayle, Pollard, Bravo and Russell took on the appearance of a sheep in the releases as the bowlers worked and overcame them with every hint of overcoming them. Hetmyer was able to make 81 elegant after being a yoyo on the team, and Gayle, Pollard, Bravo and Russel, who could have won the game today, made 8 runs. Hetmyer and Pooran scored 100 and 99 points, respectively, both facing 72 balls, averaging 25.0 and 24.75, respectively. Lewis ran 76 runs averaging 19.00. The coach seemed more interested in making sure all Trinidadians played in every game and what the Chief Selector had to say about the selection and what really happened in terms of team selection should be examined, whether they were in different worlds or who the coach decides. he wants to be in the team.

In any case, they should do it decent and resign immediately. They should not be allowed to litter, they should defend their rubbish with arrogance and remoteness, and they should be allowed to throw more rubbish in the West Indies, causing more seriousness. Do Bravo like it and do us a favor, GIVE IT NOW and take Pollard with you. IT WAS A TOTAL DISGRACE.

From the bottom of my heart

Eric Whaul