• Why maintaining business media and marketing tools will allow for growth even in difficult times
• And why are your best ambassadors long-term loyal customers? • Business consultant at the center
For Financial Growth, the owners of a surf school and event management and indoor playground company and the director of the Bank Hapoalim branch explain how to deal with the difficult situation.
– and get even stronger out of it

Alon Goren

The help of shopping malls helped us survive

“I was very young when I started an event management company, and it’s still active today. We organize fun days and group building events for companies, unions and municipalities, as well as children’s parties to celebrate holidays, birthdays, first graders and the like. We also have indoor playgrounds, PlayPark, climbing walls, Ninja Warrior obstacle courses, smooth games and more. We currently have branches at Kiryat Ono Mall and More Mall in Harish and others are planned. We also run the Adventure Forest Center at the Renanim Mall in Ra’anana, which is made entirely of wood with exciting and unique gadgets on the theme of fairy tales.

“The malls closed as soon as the pandemic started, we had no activity, and in a few months our income stopped at zero. I went to my 40 employees, looked for another source of money and found it, preparing special holiday gifts for organizations and our customers. When we got out of the first lockout, we managed to adjust a bit of work in the summer months, but the next two lockouts came and stopped at any moment.Our business model’s ability to adapt and adapt to changing circumstances allowed us to survive, along with government grants, of course. we received support from the malls we operate.

“As soon as the third closure was over, basically since Easter, the work was back, but it’s still not like a regular summer. At the moment, our vision is to expand PlayPark as a national chain. It’s a cheap and convenient option for parents; who does not try to compete with family trips abroad. We have returned to the level of previous COVID employees, but half of them are new employees who require training from scratch. But we are constantly evaluating what kind of path the wind is blowing and adapting our route accordingly, as the threat of another blockage during the holidays is still upon us. However, I am optimistic and believe that it will end sooner or later, because human nature is more than just survival, it is also about celebrating and enjoying life. ”

The writer is the owner and manager of Dream Group Ltd., PlayPark and Adventure Forest Playground. Phone: 054-4484856

Idan Marom

Suddenly everyone has found surfing

“I opened a surf school seven years ago at the Tel Aviv Old Station center. The activities themselves take place on the west beach and include fitness and sea sessions, mental conditioning and everything else needed for the sport of surfing. During the summer months children’s camps are held from morning to early afternoon, with one monitor for every five children. There are also various surf groups that take place throughout the year, including a group of 30 and 40 year olds who gather here every morning before going to work and a group of surfers called FEM. We also have a competition team of 13 surfers who take us to the right beaches in the country to challenge them with different waves.

“When the first blockade started, our activity stopped completely for three months. I sent the staff and brought them back when we opened before the summer. It was a good season as there were no summer camps and surfing was the only sport allowed. Suddenly everyone — young and old — started surfing. But then the locks came back and we noticed a drop. On the one hand, the waves are higher in winter. On the other hand, it’s hard to bring new people to this sport in the new months, and it was a big challenge for us. We worked through social media and had to adjust our training programs to bring back old clients.

“Throughout the term, we continued to work and pay salaries even though we had no income to keep our names there. Since the third closure ended four months ago, there has been a noticeable improvement and activity has changed again. “We don’t see it as a sport, even though surfing became an Olympic sport for the first time in Tokyo. It’s a pity we didn’t invest in it, because Israeli surfers have a great reputation around the world.”

The writer owns the Salty Group surf school. Nachum Goldman 31, Tel Aviv.

Tel: 050-3213222

Shlomi Lahana

Create and manage a loyalty program

“PlayPark’s digital assets are well maintained; Facebook and Instagram accounts are up to date and visually appealing. It’s a good idea for an inviting cafe for kids to have a seat while the kids run. I would recommend Alon to take the feedback left in Google Reviews as seriously as if they were sent to his website. More and more customers are reviewing before deciding whether to review it. It is also very important for the company to have a loyalty program that gathers data about customers at the same time. This can create and deliver steps that directly appeal to them. It is also important to praise Alon’s flexibility to change his business approach to companies and individual customers during the crisis, taking advantage of the connections he has made.

“For Idan, I would recommend trying to expand more to older demographics, as at the moment his website is highly targeted at children. they prove the value he places on the human element of his business. “

The writer is a strategic marketing consultant and a professor at the College of Management and the Bank Hapoalim Center for Financial Growth.

Orna Cohen

Identify and strengthen relative strengths

“The current climate requires business owners to show flexibility and adaptability from one moment to the next, strengthening those special aspects of the business that meet current needs and thus maximizing capacity. and one that encourages small group reunions.Another option is to encourage fun days, birthdays, and special concepts that attract an interesting segment of the population and help a business grow and grow.

“It is very important to strengthen the presence of the business media and social networks with partnerships with other businesses in the same field. At the same time, it is important to continue building and developing an important and loyal customer database. such as referrals, discounts on more advanced courses, and opening courses for new target audiences. Identifying the relative benefits of the business, taking a creative approach, and maintaining social media and marketing tools will help grow, even in times of crisis. “

The writer is the manager of the Lev Holon branch of Bank Hapoalim

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