It’s hard to imagine anyone defending the MLS Cup champions, but Saturday night’s clash between the Seattle Sounders and Columbus Crew featured two teams heading in different directions. After two impressive road victories, the Sounders wanted to finish the hardest part of the season easily with a third result before a well-deserved mini-break for the All-Star Game.

For the crew, it’s hard to be disappointed with the 2021 season. No one in the fight to play in the playoffs thought he would have 20 games in his season, especially considering the increases in the offseason. However, the hangovers, ages, shapes and injuries of the tournament have been conspired to leave the crew looking at the image of the playoffs.

This last point, however, will generate little sympathy for the Sounders or fans, given their struggle with health. Towards the end of the team, the third result in a row on the way – to say nothing of victory – was rather optimistic, due to a desperate opponent trying to save a season.

Probably, as expected, the match was a cage one, as neither one nor the other took advantage of the relative scarcity of opportunities created. In a way, they were the last fans they ever got in 2020, when the Crew ran away early in the game and the Sounders actually never got into it. This time, the Sounders kept him close, and the push was also pushed back when he broke Crew’s path late, and then left the crew stunned with a 1-2-minute last-minute punch, with the Sounders sending home nine hard tackles. the road points obtained before the wood a tree visits the Lumen field on Sunday, ripe for harvest.

Here are five things we liked about this:

Since joining the Sounders, Arreaga’s ups and downs have been well documented, ranging from a notable performance in the 2019 Western Conference final to a tougher performance in 2020. their central defenders. However, Arreaga’s skill always predicts more than stable, considering the ball and his passing ability. Against Columbus, he completed an entire game, intercepted three passes, won 9 of 10 duels, recorded four serves and used his approach to pick passes to cross the lines. Of course, his most important contribution came late in the game, with the Sounders looking for a draw. Arreaga stopped on a corner kick, found himself at the end of a recycled piece, and was the first to react, stabbing the ball and giving the Sounders at least some of the prey. And then…

What can be said about the season that Will Bruin has endured? As he enters the year that will begin as part of the first line for both men, injuries and training changes have led to a reduction in playing time without any real flaws. Throw in some bad luck fashion and it’s been a struggle. Through all of this, Bruin has played his part in what he has called for. The relief was noticeable, then, when the striker curved towards the winner with Arreaga equalizing and barely two minutes left. It was a well-crafted goal all the way, Raúl Ruidíaz held it and passed it to the distributor, Jimmy Medranda, who then set Bruin at a distance for his beauty.

For the first time this year, the Sounders started with three nominated players. Even though the planned fireworks didn’t take place in this trio match, it was nonetheless gratifying. In the end, they barely even trained together, after Brian Schmetzer basically acknowledged the game. Lodeiro is likely to have a few games played in the true season, although Schmetzer was encouraged to get more than 80 minutes from the talisman in midfield. So while Lodeiro may not have had the same impact on the tired defense from the bench in the same way he did, other games with a first-choice team are likely to be thrown into all the Sounders cylinders as the leaves turn.

Schmetzer has previously talked about the mentality he has gained on the road to the Sounders, but directing the table this week has been no precedent. A lot of metaphorical ink has been spilled about the pedestrian home register. But the truth is that the catastrophe coincided with a historic crisis of injuries that few teams would be able to endure (see: Crew, Columbus). However, sometimes the best cure for home discomfort is to get out of the house, clear your head, and see the country. The Sounders took advantage of the best way possible and now have the best road record in the league (7-1-2). Of course, there’s no place like home, and with the next three games in Lumen, the Sounders will have to make their way back home if they hope to keep pace with the Supporters ’Shield race.

Part of Sounders ’disappointing home record has been attributed to a drop in points from positions they won at home this year (Atlanta, FC Dallas), so it’s certainly been nice to turn the tables and get points late on the road. Bruin’s goal coincided with the final winning game of the season, with Ruidíaz’s penalty against Real Salt Lake also coming in the 89th minute. The Sounders of course have a history of late-game heroes (who have won 19 games since the 80th minute under Brian Schmetzer), but as worrying as those moments are, every tournament team needs a couple of them during the season.