MYSTIC Meg looks at what you have on the horizon this year: from promotion to saving successes.


Mystic Meg looks at what you have on the horizon this year


March 21 to April 20

WORK: Using more personal experience can create new skills in the spring. A building with silver stairs has some surprise exam answers. November 8th is the time to realize that you can do it on your own, despite the tough competition.

SAVE: A celebrity-driven scheme can be a starting point for investment. Family heritage money can be linked to a set of children’s books or paintings.

SPEND: Mercury opens your mind from early August to early October, and joining an existing team or creating your own works well to pursue your fitness dream.

WIN: Numbers and dates with the number 1, dozens that have been sold or listed, or people with birthdays in December can be lucky.


April 21st to May 21st

WORK: For the first six weeks of the year, consider open jobs all over the country, maybe even the world. Setting up tests, connecting professionals together, and asking difficult questions can be rewarding.

SAVE: The big secret to saving success this year is starting, so put on some really challenging money plans. A gift or letter from the past carries a promise of money.

SPEND: After a sensible first part of the year, Impulsive Mars will take over your cash table on August 20th. You will love the opportunity to treat your loved ones.

WIN: Since Jupiter is on your social media board, the contest you first see on social media or mentioned by a friend can start a series of victories. The numbers 11 and 12 are lucky.


May 22 to June 21

WORK: The world of teaching, creativity in home design and decor, and a new perspective on the ever-favorite food can be a success. This year, you are inspired by negative feedback and violent change.

SAVE: The advice of an older relative, the locations and names of a movie, or the numbers in the three might be a win-win. Writing a book, with a travel link, can also be an income.

SPEND: Spending on self-improvement at the end of January and spending on personal style in June and July brings hot news. Unique vehicles, natural products and a range of health steps are great purchases from Gemini.

WIN: A team of 11 members is lucky, as are the primary colors and numbers associated with past addresses.


June 22nd to July 22nd

WORK: The three friends who share an ambition have a break around April 11th. Outdoor tasks, initial logos, an “F” map and water trips are all lucky.

SAVE: Even though you’ve made the same path to saving, 2022 is the year to change things. Any “W” scheme, geometric shapes, outdoor art or food exhibits, and travel ticket scheme, all work for you.

SPEND: As sensible as it may sound, you have a list of fantastic spending desires that can make 2022 a reality. Pair of unique items, original handmade fashion, eco-friendly products and minority music have added value.

WIN: Any competition with a travel feel is made for you. Honest opinions, ten numbers, and a countdown clock or calendar add luck.


July 23 to August 23

WORK: Mars gives you power for 2022 and you may soon have some exciting opportunities. Incorporating creative footwear, skipping a few steps in training, and finding support leads to success.

SAVE: Listening to friends and learning from them is the secret to saving money. May bring an opportunity to increase your bank balance.

SPEND: An important expense that you start thinking about in February, perhaps a celebration, may be a reality by March 18th. Unusual crafts, travel souvenirs, hairdressers and new languages ​​can boost your finances.

WIN: Childhood memories and previous work experiences can be a winner. Fragments of images or words, red backgrounds and retro music can also be lucky.


August 24 to September 22

WORK: Saturn’s stability planet marks the end of a time of job uncertainty in your career sector. And since August, Mars has been sending potential off-scale success.

SAVE: Taking good advice and taking time is key. Any initiative based on diet or fitness, a women’s startup, a Scandi name, and a friend with a computer job deserve attention.

SPEND: Home-based shopping, even a surprise home, is one of the best purchases. You can change your environment for much less than you expected. Punctual experiences, unusual destinations, and music lessons are worth it.

WIN: You have a witness instinct, especially in May, June, and July; so trust them. You can win a wonderful festival from December 20th.


September 23rd to October 23rd

WORK: You are on foot. From the 10th of May, you will meet the perfect people to learn and fly with you. Silver gates, three-part interviews, and welfare business represent a career change.

SAVE: With Saturn in your creative sector all year long, you find ways to save money, perhaps by sharing your home space, equipment, or ideas. Instead of talking about cutting, you can do it now. By March 2, a nest egg is growing.

SPEND: Take time to plan, as you move on from August. Enjoy the “U” location and people, food with friends, personally designed jewelry and delicious local delights.

WIN: Win Luck is associated with numbers 6 and 7, with a health or sports team and an old school friend who is a natural mixer and fixer.


October 24 to November 22

WORK: If life feels stagnant, that could end this year. The attitude towards a long-term work puzzle may surprise leaders. Summer is challenging and exciting, and you can have a hot seat at a new Christmas table.

SAVE: You should be asked to start a savings bank in January, but you are in the most dynamic. Investigate sources of money lost in mid-April. Invest in your home on June 4th.

SPEND: You are curious in mid-February and the result can be a great gift of love. But you will benefit.

WIN: Don’t try to predict how and where you will win in 2022, as Jupiter promises rotating years. Be open to anything. You have a jackpot moon on February 16th. The green lines are lucky.


From November 23rd to December 21st

WORK: If you’ve had a hard time asking for what you deserve, stay tuned for this month and next. You are fascinated by ambition in May, and from November 17 the position of your dreams is there.

SAVE: TGiving advice may not be your style, but “F” has a lot to share. You often spend it without thinking and you are too generous. Practicing tactics to stop this can make you richer.

SPEND: From January to May, social events will be fun and fulfilling. Cooking lessons and extreme sports are great purchases.

WIN: The potential reward can range from an elegant home to reuniting with lost relatives. It is worth watching a competition divided into four parts or divided into groups of four.


From December 22nd to January 20th

WORK: A working moon on May 30 creates a summer full of surprising questions and answers. Flight-themed logos, new languages, and fitness products are all in luck.

SAVE: From June to October, open your mind to the possibilities. Southern properties, silver items and recycling initiatives are major investments.

SPEND: Hold on to the big fire expenses right now, but you have a great eye for the perfect shopping from January 18th to August 24th. “J” months and “T” days are the times to pay off your debts.

WIN: Until the beginning of May, your asset is the power of words: you have quick and intelligent answers and the ability to include others. In the summer, addresses and fantastic houses take a sweet spot.


January 21st to February 18th

WORK: If you want to stay away from a long-term boss or are reluctant to go self-employed, this may be the time for you. He associates business luck with the blue sea.

SAVE: How and what you save is as individual as what you spend, so don’t fall for a single proposition. Recycled items have a place in your future. Building your culinary knowledge will help you save on your food bill.

SPEND: A sale event at someone’s home, items featured on a TV show, and the August 12 money moon are worth a look.

WIN: By being in the second area of ​​your board on Jupiter for most of the year, you can get rich. Famous couples or siblings, weather-related items, and whodunnit challenges can all make money.


February 19 to March 20

WORK: Jupiter is the coach you have been waiting for, as career expectations take shape. Support-based businesses, education, special hospitality, and television surnames can be successful.

SAVE: Mars protects you from everything from savings to promises for the future. If you have to be stubborn, you can do it. Forgotten cards and accounts are paid in the fall.

SPEND: Neptune is in Pisces all year round, and it wears you out. Try not to go shopping if you are hungry or tired. Take advantage of rest periods.

WIN: Your name can prevail in a prize draw or in a competition to find someone with a special role. Floral patterns, royal layouts, and people familiar with the initials add to the potential.

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