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The rotating group of online panels includes Jon L. Peter, curator and director of plant documentation at the Royal Botanical Gardens (RBG), RGB curator Alex Henderson collections, and Claudette Sims Hamilton and Toronto area master gardener Tena Van Andel, Tina. Cesaroni, Donna Parker, Patty King, Liza Drozdov and Janet Hughes-Mackey.

Jon Peter

Peter holds degrees in gardening from the University of Guelph and a Niagara Parks Commission School of Horticulture. Jon has worked for some of the best botanical organizations in North America, including the Arnold Arboretum, The Morton Arboretum, and the New York Botanical Garden. Jon is the workshop curator and manager of documentation Royal Botanical Garden.

Sims, a retired educator, has been a member Master gardeners of the Halton region He has been the past president since 2005 and is now president Master Gardener of Ontario. He is an avid gardener and enjoys attracting and observing wildlife in his garden. Over the years, she has become better acquainted with the role and beauty of local plants in local gardens.

Parker has worked in a nursery with woody plants and designed and consulted his gardens. He works in the gardening telephones of the Royal Botanical Gardens and the Halton Master Gardeners. Parker loves the challenge of designing and creating beauty among the wonderful old trees in his garden.

Tena van Andel

Van Andel has been a volunteer with Master Gardeners in Toronto and Master Gardeners in Ontario since 2003. He writes and gives lectures on all gardening and anything. Among his last adventures, the XIX. A 19th century farmhouse in northern Ontario is being re-wilded and taught a functional fitness class for gardeners.

Cesaroni is a master gardener in Toronto. He studied horticulture and garden design while living in England. Indigenous plants are of special interest. Blurring the line between ecology and gardening, he loves easy-to-grow native plants that are perfect for birds, bees and insects in any urban garden.

Henderson has studied gardening, curatorial practices for botanical gardens, plant sciences, and museums in the United Kingdom, Sweden, and the United States. He worked at the Royal Botanic Gardens (Kew) in the UK before becoming curator of living collections at RBG. He is the head of the professional section of the American Public Gardens Association’s plant collection.

Patty King

King has been a master gardener since 2007, facing the challenges of a large garden and fighting daily with invasive plants, weeds and animals. The trees and their plants are close to the heart. She still writes a blog in her garden, and has another on the history of women and gardens.

Drozdov he is a master gardener. The garden is designed with flowers, scents and wildlife in mind. He is the author of the thriller Blood relative, the first book Niagara Noir series. You can follow him Twitter too.

He is mostly on the trail at home, but now his tracks are at home because he loves to explore and design with plants. He studied landscape design and volunteered with local conservation associations to restore habitat. Janet has been a member of the Ontario Master Gardeners team since 2015.

Do you know?

Ontario’s Master Gardeners are experienced gardeners who have learned a lot about gardening and continue to improve their technical skills every year. Master gardeners begin their training as master gardeners until they have completed the educational and voluntary component of the mandate. Master gardeners and trained gardeners provide free garden advice to citizens, such as garden counseling clinics, participating in volunteer activities, answering questions via email, and now chatting online.

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