Being healthy has never been more important. COVID-19 encouraged them to look for healthier habits and brought challenges to the way people work. With access to the gym restricted to death, consumers had to adjust if they wanted to meet their fitness goals. Social media has helped to make this a source of inspiration and motivation.

As consumers change for healthier lifestyles and social media trends, your fitness club should be important. Social media allows users to look at your fitness studio. Use it to motivate your members ’health careers and commit to providing exclusive branded content. If used strategically, social media can be a useful tool for growing your business.

Consider the following strategies to help you get a valuable business:

Promote your audience, not your brand. You may want to step back, but there is strength to connecting with your people. The fitness industry thrives on building community and uplifting each other through peer motivation, friendly competition, and recognition of success. This is the type of content that your followers want.

Improve content with paid social advertising. You have to pay to play. Direct some of your marketing funds to paid ads. By promoting social media posts and creating ads to post on multiple channels, you can multiply your reach and impact. For example, Facebook is a great platform to increase the reach of your content and create ads on social media. Facebook’s organic reach, with no paid advertising or promotional value, is only about 5.2 percent (and decreases every year). This means that only one in 20 followers will see your content.

These odds aren’t great for bringing your content to new users or connecting with existing ones, but what happens when you push a message? According to Facebook’s Ad Basics, the average conversion rate for paid ads is 9.21 percent among industries, while the fitness industry has a slightly higher scale at around 14.29 percent. So not only will more people actually see your content, it will also lead to conversions and contributions.

Frequency matters. Post content to your social media platforms regularly and create content programming that is consistent. Frequent posting adds value to your channels and more users will participate with your brand. But don’t just publish the content of the fillers. Content with no real purpose can cause users to lose interest. The audience wants interesting and engaging stories in their feed. Using high quality content will encourage interactions and give followers a clear view of your brand identity.

Pro Tip: Time matters. The moment you post and increase your content on social media can create or break your campaign. Remember the audience’s demographics and research when they are most active. If you don’t plan on posting new content every day, consider which days of the week your social networks see the most traffic.

Take advantage of high-trend themes and user-generated content. Focusing on trending topics on social media is a great way to start a conversation and improve your online engagement and reputation. Look at your audience on social media and deepen what they have echoed with them. What kind of content do they share or comment on? How do the profiles of the businesses they follow compare to yours? Ask open-ended questions to start a conversation with your followers.

Joining an ongoing fitness challenge or hashtag trend like #TransformationTuesday can motivate fitness club members to share user-generated content. Instagram is known for this kind of engagement, and members who share real-life experiences give your gym more credibility and authenticity.

Use social media as a launchpad to generate more qualified traffic and engagement, and you’ll see a clear boost in gym membership and customer retention.


Madison Sosebee is a digital media strategist at UpSwell, a direct response marketing agency that has provided services to more than 2,500 health clubs and fitness studios through data-driven hyperlinked printing and digital marketing solutions. For more information about UpSwell and to receive a free marketing evaluation from one of our highly experienced marketing consultants, visit or email [email protected]