SANTA CRUZ, California., July 26, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Active lifestyle brand RPM Training Co. announced today Atom, a complete training solution designed for modern functional athletes.

RPM Training Co. announced today that it will launch Atom, a complete training solution for modern functional athletes.

RPM Training Co., founded in 2012 by the brothers Josh and Shane Rogers, Was born out of the CrossFit scene in northern California to gain worldwide reputation for design and quality in functional training, action sports and outdoor communities. The launch of Atom is based on the history of brand innovation in the training equipment space — an example of a high-speed rope — and is committed to the best training for life’s adventures with the right functional training.

Atom has an excellent equipment kit and Daily Training (DT) program that includes training demos and a digital platform that offers classroom instruction, the ability to set up live coaches, global community rankings, and live sessions with friends and training partners.

Each kit is a complete home gym with a functional workout, tailored to the level of ability and lifestyle for one’s own users and with everything you need to keep your Atom programming from the gym, garage or the outdoors. Kit prices start $ 995, with the cost of a monthly subscription $ 35.

New equipment offered by RPM within the Atom universe includes a sandbag, bar and bumper plates, dumbbells, kettlebells, gym rings, mobility tools and a patent-pending pull bar and adjustable plyobox, many of which RPM has redesigned from scratch. and manufactures or builds USA.

“We saw the opportunity to provide a unique experience at home by combining essential equipment with a deliberate workout program, which also facilitates connection between members of our community, as we all share the same training stimulus and experience,” he said. Shane Rogers, Founder and CEO of RPM Training Co. “The future of fitness is a hybrid model because athletes are looking for a flexible solution that supports training in a combination of home, gym and road settings. Atom is the solution.”

As a component of Atom’s commercialization, RPM Training Co. has announced that it will acquire a Warm Up and Work Out (WUWO) gym programming company, bringing in CrossFit legends Pat and Taz Barber at home as Atom’s head coach and programming director. Along with individual programming levels for all fitness levels, Atom will offer affiliate programming for independent gyms.

“We are thrilled to be part of the WUWO RPM / Atom family! We couldn’t find a person and company that better suited our values ​​and mission.” Pat Barber. “The authenticity and value of what will come with this partnership has really led us to go to work every day. We can’t wait to share it with the world!”

RPM offers a first look at Atom equipment and programming to the functional community at this week’s NOBULL CrossFit Games 2021. Madison, Wisconsin, where RPM is the official sponsor of the campsite. Participants in the event will have their first chance to try out Atom gear and programming at the outdoor Atom gym at RPM Campground. July 28, Wednesday.

Atom RPM Training Co will appear at Surf Expo along with lifestyle clothing, active clothing and functional swimwear Orlando, Florida, September 9 – 11.

A preview of the Atom equipment and interface is available here Pre-orders will open in late August due to the September shipping date.

For more information on RPM Training Co. and Atom, visit and continue @rpmtrainingco Instagram.

About RPM Training Co:

RPM Training Co., founded in 2012, is a brand of active living, based on the intersection of training and action sports. Building on RPM’s excellent functional fitness gear and the success of its functional training experience, RPM is the founder of Atom, a complete training solution designed and delivered for modern functional athletes. In addition, RPM offers a full line of lifestyle clothing and active clothing, many of which are handmade at RPM HQ Northern California. RPM’s “Grounded by Purpose” slogan nods to the brand’s core ethos: Honest, functional, and functional training is the best foundation for a truly fulfilling and adventurous life.

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