office workout

With the return to the office, more companies make the well-being of their people a priority – which includes fitness.

Now, some staff have a high-level training friend to help keep them on track. Wayfair, Samsung, SAP, Accenture Interactive and Sky are among the companies joining the new Peloton Corporate Wellness program, offering employees access to the Peloton app and exclusive advantages in connected fitness products to support team building and healthy habits.

“We have heard from partners that they need flexible welfare solutions for modern employees to meet the evolving demands of modern employees,” said Cassidy Ross, CEO of Peloton Corporate Wellness. “Whether you’re at home, on the road, or in the office, you’d be able to get physical or mental exercise that fits your schedule, and motivate each other with a co-worker.”

Some companies have gone so far as to create dedicated studios with stylish bikes and a well-known brand of technology, but perhaps the fastest feature of the new program is portability, given that employers are embracing hybrid work arrangements. “We spent a lot of time wondering, what is the future of work like?” said Rose. “Everyone agrees that it is more flexible and dynamic. Organizations need welfare benefits to meet the needs of their employees. ”

The benefits are not limited to fitness. In a survey of members in the US, the UK, Canada and Germany, 83% of Peloton members said that the Peloton routine makes them feel at work, and 64% said they are more productive.

The companies that join Peloton, which has 5.4 million members worldwide, can offer subsidized access to their employees for Peloton memberships and connected fitness products. The Peloton program is being promoted not only as a means of promoting employee health and well-being, but also as a tool for employers to encourage employee engagement and employee retention.

Dan Healey, head of HR at SAP North America, said last year he showed that strong investment in programs that encourage employee commitment, teamwork and inspiration can lead to positive results that support hybrid work models. “The early push we saw in the Peloton exercise campaigns we did last year and the decision to join Peloton’s Corporate Wellness program reflects this experience,” he added.

Peloton has also partnered with health and insurance company UnitedHealthcare to provide direct and on-demand access to thousands of classes for health plan members through the Peloton app. These will be available starting in September and will be available for up to a year, or members can receive a four-month waiver without paying a full membership fee.

Fitbit is another fitness brand that wants to create connections with the company and their people. The company’s health platform, Fitbit Care, was designed to motivate employees through the company’s famous personal followers and with the help of personal training to encourage them to manage their health and fitness.

Embit University, a corporate partner at Fitbit, reported that 92% of its employees said it motivated their services to be more active, and another corporate client at Bangor Savings Bank, Robert S. Montgomery-Rice, said: “Any employee can stay healthy. “It’s a victory for all we can do. It means they are more productive employees, more committed to their teammates and our customers.”

Of course, company gyms have always been the focus of big high-tech companies like Google and Apple, and elsewhere, subsidized health club memberships have become well-known employee benefits. But the reconfiguration of office space among The Great Reopening has prompted more companies (and not just Google in the world) to build fitness facilities at their headquarters, including training rooms, yoga studios and pedestrian tracks.

Robin Skidmore, CEO of Journey Along, a UK performance marketing agency, said the company has made “significant investments” since COVID-19 based on contributions from three employees in its offices, including real estate dedicated to fitness. “Our offices are an integral part of our culture, so it was an important sign for the business that we needed to continue investing in it, preparing to be able to return,” added Skidmore, whose store has worked for customers like Clos19. and Airtasker. The company now has an in-depth space for sports, HIIT, yoga classes and weight training.

Grace Roberts, general communications manager for the creative agency B-Reel, said it was essential to create a space where employees could focus on their physical and mental well-being when planning to return to the office. Its new fitness facility has state access for yoga mats, chirp wheels and state-of-the-art breathing application.

It’s just B-Reel’s latest fitness initiative, counting Nike and H&M among its accounts. “Welfare Wednesdays” are already the company’s established weekly features. It also provides monthly pay to employees for health and wellness actions that serve to help them recharge and refuel.