Leaders Group, the parent company of Sports Business Journal, has committed to buy SportTechie, the leading sports technology content and events company. Upon completion of the acquisition, the combined entity will be the primary source of information for leaders and innovators in the sports industry.

Founded in 2012, SportTechie brings together trends and innovations in the dynamic and fast-paced sports technology industry. It publishes a weekly newsletter, organizes the best calendar of virtual and personal events, and creates important reports on the sports technology industry.

“SportTechie is a high quality brand, highly respected, a very important space in sports technology and will be an important contributor to the success of the Leaders Group,” said Warren Thune. Sports, Newzoo and The Esports Observer. “Especially with respect to the Sports Business Journal, SportTechie extends our coverage and value to subscribers and customers.”

“SportTechie was launched with a simple hypothesis to cover the ongoing intersection between sport and technology. We did not know in fact that a wide audience of executives, investors, entrepreneurs and industry professionals would come to us with confidence to new networks, buy, sell, make decisions and prepare their organizations for the impact of new technologies. It’s been a tremendously rewarding journey to build SportTechie with an extraordinary team of people, ”said Taylor Bloom, CEO and co-founder of SportTechie. Together we will deploy highly talented teams, grow cutting-edge offerings in the marketplace and continue to be an invaluable resource for all current and desired sports industry professionals. ”

In an effort to facilitate the sale, SportTechie filed a voluntary application with the Delaware Bankruptcy Court, seeking a motion approving the sale when the bids could have been higher and better. Throughout the process, all of SportTechie’s operations will continue as usual without changes for partners, employees or spectators.

SportTechie hopes to work with Leaders Group properties, especially the Sports Business Journal, to integrate their event calendars, subscription offerings and editorial coverage to provide a leading platform for all professionals, executives and innovators in the industry to inform and move business decisions. curve.

About the Leadership Group

Leaders Group, owned by Advance, is a global intelligence platform that provides information to sports and gaming business professionals to optimize their corporate performance.

The Leaders Group includes a portfolio of exceptional companies including the Sports Business Journal, Leaders in Sport, Newzoo and The Esports Observer. Product and service offerings include:

  • Market Intelligence and Analytics – Critical and timely global data and information needed to support everyday business decisions.
  • Networks – Access and connectivity for world-renowned networks such as league operators, team owners, facility operators, vendors, brands and merchants, knowledge sharing, best practices, trade and opportunities in the global sports, technology, media and entertainment ecosystem around the world.
  • Events – High-value events with local insights, data-driven content, and access to industry-leading thought leaders, professionals, and investors.
  • Media – Real-time news, statistics and analysis by industry and functional experts.

About the Sports Business Journal (SBJ)

Since 1998, the Sports Business Journal, headquartered in Charlotte (NC), has provided news, networks and data to provide the most powerful sports business executives with more informed decisions, agreements and partnerships. SBJ’s award-winning multimedia content is provided through a variety of multimedia platforms, with unique networking opportunities, relevant event and award features, and market-leading data. The weekly and daily content of the Sports Business Journal provides original reporting and news aggregation, as well as newsletters, podcasts, and videos. SBJ’s prestigious events create opportunities for lead generation and collaboration, as well as a wide range of awards that showcase the best talent in the industry. The SBJ Atlas is a business data portal for the sports industry.

About SportTechie

Since 2012, SportTechie’s mission has been to make the sport smarter. Through immersive storytelling and industry-leading events, we connect you with innovators and power intermediaries who are shaping the future of sports technology.

Whether you’re an athlete, a fan, a team manager, a player representative, a league informant, or a technologist, you’ll find great value in being part of the SportTechie community. Our coverage focuses on the three main actors within the sport — athletes, fans, and teams and leagues — and examines how technology affects those parts that are deeply connected to the industry.

SportTechie’s daily newsletters, robust conference and event schedules, and comprehensive reporting educate industry professionals based on us to make their organizations aware of the latest offerings, innovations, investments, and partnerships at the intersection of sport and technology.

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