Editor’s note: This is the second episode of The Journal’s multi-section series, where we talked to experts about some of the most popular New Year’s resolutions on tips for maintaining goals in 2022.

MARTINSBURG – Angela Lawrence, Berkeley and Jefferson County WVU Expansion Service Instructor and Family and Community Development Agent, said there are some keys to a healthy and healthy lifestyle this year. Most importantly, Lawrence explains, mental health and fitness are closely linked and interrelated.

“Everything goes back to the health of our whole body,” he said. “You have to be compassionate and have realistic expectations. It’s important to focus on our whole body when we set goals for 2022. “

Lawrence gave you a list of three main things to focus on when your goal is to get fit this year.

1. Set a SMART goal – According to Lawrence, when it comes to making any behavior change, this is the model. S specific, M measurable, A achievable, R relative, and T point.

“For example, I’d like to run 5K late this year, but that’s not a SMART goal. A SMART goal would say,” I want to run 5K for a certain amount of time, so I’m going to run 30 minutes three times next week. ” , that can be measured and achieved, “Lawrence said. “It’s really important to have time to check your goals. I encourage people to do this once a week, no matter what day is the busiest for you. ”

Lawrence said his goal is better SMART meal planning. With a busy schedule, he said it’s important to be better at planning meals to stay focused on his goals.

2. Develop healthy sleeping hygiene habits — practices that help you sleep well from time to time.

“We can’t do anything if our body isn’t well rested,” Lawrence said. “Things like having a normal sleep schedule and avoiding screens in bed or before bed, doing something else 15 minutes before bedtime, such as listening to an audiobook, listening to soothing sounds, doing a guided relaxation exercise.”

3. Get moving: Whether it’s walking, yoga or stretching or dancing, Lawrence said moving is part of a healthy lifestyle and staying fit.

“This can be awesome because sometimes we think we have to go to a gym and commit to a certain number of hours a week. Really, moving around can be as easy as keeping your shoes in the car, where when you have time to wait for an appointment or something and have 10-15 minutes, you can throw up and walk, ”Lawrence explains.

Lawrence added that self-pity is essential to adapting in a general way.

“People need to keep that in mind as they move into 2022. Every person I talk to gives me a feeling of stress. We are tough on ourselves. We’re doing something right at any given time, ”he said.

Lawrence said he loves his job and is enjoying the outreach he has had since he started in office almost a year and a half ago.

She earned a bachelor’s degree from Shepherd University and a master’s degree in social work from the University of West Virginia. In addition to her studies, she has a degree in social work. He was previously a therapist and has also worked in the field of mental health and higher education.

“I love being able to participate in the community and listen to what the community needs; it doesn’t have to depend on who can pay the fee or tuition, it’s just a dream in the area of ​​support,” Lawrence said. “My job is to serve the community so that families and people in the community can be healthier. I encourage people to call, tell me what you see in the community. ”

Lawrence recently worked with all of Berkeley County School’s social workers on mindfulness and stress management, and also worked with Jefferson High School health classes to discuss adolescent mental health.

To contact Lawrence for business, school, or personal programming ideas, call (304) 264-1936 for the Berkeley County office or (304) 728-7413 for the Jefferson County office. It is also available by email at angela.lawrence@mail.wvu.edu.

For more information, such as health and fitness events and programs, visit www.extension.wvu.edu or follow WVU Extension’s Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter pages.