We have more tournament action and Benjamin Bloom has covered everything you need to know for Fulham against Swansea with Betfair tests.

Setting the Scene – Reducing the Level of Threat?
If this match were to take place a few weeks ago, I think the Swansea fans would be worried that they would go to west London by taking a bit of a hiding place. More specifically, Fulham ended August at the top of the table with 13 goals and 13 points from their first five games, with 100 points and 100 goals in the air. At the same time, Swansea can also have the same number of goals and points; unfortunately for the new leader Russ Martin that number was four, with the Swans sitting 19 places behind Fulham.

Now we’re not talking about narrowing the gap, but in September Fulham went down and up on the Swansea Championship table. The four points scored by Fulham in the last four games were won 4-1 by Birmingham, but they lost to Blackpool and Reading and were unable to secure a huge home record for Bristol City at the weekend. Yes, Fulham remain in fourth place and are the top scorers in the division, but perhaps the procession expected for the title has stalled. For the moment though.

On the contrary, it seems that the mantra of “football in the process” that seems to be the most fashionable soundtrack today is making money in Swansea. September is undefeated for the Swans, who drew 0-0 at home to Hull and Millwall dramatically little, but they may not have made any progress. In the next game it looked like Luton had put Swansea aside but they drew 3-0 down and recorded a fifth clean sheet of the season when they defeated Huddersfield 1-0 at swansea.com Stadium. Sure, Swansea will be included in this game as an outside player in Fulham’s relative capacity in the Championship, but it seems like the gap isn’t so rich since we came back from the international break.

Top 6 finishes? Fulham 1/12, Swansea 10/1 (Betfair)

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One To Watch – Ben Hamer (Swansea)
When Pep Guardiola took on Manchester City he was relentless in filling a key position that would facilitate the kind of football ownership he wanted to play for. Many were surprised to realize that he was not a deep playmaker who wanted to be a goalkeeper, not for what he could do with his hands, but with his feet. Joe Hart, England goalkeeper and former first league champion, came out and Claudio Bravo joined.

Until 2021, and perhaps we are dealing with the same level of coach or player, Russ Russ Swans manager had to make a similar decision. Martin’s fame is built on the back of his ultra style property and he built it on the Milton Keynes Dons using League 1 players. Without wanting to despise the wonderful professionals in League 1, of course, it’s easier to convey to high-level players very technical and dangerous ideas about football.

The goalkeeper is in a very crucial position in this heavy possession strategy, rather than throwing the ball long and pushing the defense up, it will be part of the form of passing the plug and will often be the first pass of a play phase. Swansea started the season with Steven Benda, but after the international break Ben Hamer joined. “Steven has been great. He has taken such a responsible stance on us that we are asking him to do things that many goalkeepers don’t do, ”Russ Martin said. Changing the goalkeeper. He will be in that tactical transition.Keep in Hamer, especially for what he owns.Although Swans have kept three stars clear in the four games that the Swansea veteran has started, that side of the game is also not doing very badly.

Hamer second-half shutdown? No goal in the second half 10/3 (Betfair)

One To Watch – Alexander Mitrovic (Fulham)
Okay, it’s predictable, but it’s very necessary to talk about Aleksandar Mitrovic on the Fulham Championship machine. Reports of Mithlesbrough’s death after a slow start against Middlesbrough were a bit exaggerated, and he has made a tremendous ten-goal contribution in eight games, with three assists and seven goals.

The Serbian striker signed a new contract with Fulham at the end of August. His deal will last until 2026 and his value to the Championship-level Cottagers cannot be overstated. Mitrovic is certainly what would be described as a “former central striker,” with great physicality, good movement, and if given the chances on the penalty spot, he tends to finish. It was especially instrumental in Fulham’s 2019-20 promotion, as players often appeared to struggle to establish Scott Parker’s passing style as fast as he could to master the games. I’m sure Fulham fans would give me a real number, but when things didn’t quite click through, Mitrovic created a lot of games with a goal and solved the problem.

Mitrovic’s expectations are very high this season, and although he has struggled to achieve so often at the Premier League level, a large total is expected this season. It means the new contract should feel fully consolidated, and Marco Silva, who was replaced by Scott Parker, will be eliminated from the enduring disciplines after breaking the Covid protocol last season. The offensive game model seems a little more decisive than Parker’s, and the addition of Harry Wilson gives the creator of a top-tier tournament next to Mitrovic. The last time was 26, but if he continues in the season, with all the positive situations mentioned, he could be more this season.

Mitrovic will score 2 goals or more – 7/2 (Betfair)

Key Battle – Ethan Laird vs Antonee Robinson
Depending on the direction of the ball, Swansea will be an interesting fight on the right or Fulham on the left in this game. Once again we have two decent attacking players in the game, Fulham defender Antonee Robinson and Swansea winger Ethan Laird. You’d immediately assume that Laird could be able to push more territory as a wing back, but Robinson will have Bobby Reid ahead of him by creating space in that area.

Robinson, who came on sale from Wigan for the administration fire, successfully displaced Joe Bryan from Fulham immediately after scoring two goals in the play-off final. Statistics tell us how important Robinson is to Fulham’s offensive output, the U.S. international has the defender’s goal and support this season, he leads the Fulham team for crosses for every game, and is only behind the founders of attackers Harry Wilson and Fabio. Carvalho for the keys to each match.

The story is similar to that of Manchester United’s Lohan Ethan Laird from Swansea, who met Russ Martin last season at the MK Dons, and is quite comfortable with the football step of the Championship. Laird also plays only Oliver Ntchamm, who has played fewer games, though he is the leader in the keys to each game and in the crosses in each game, which is not the top of the Swans game plan.

If this game were to be tight, the coal-mining Canaries would predict how high things would change in any of those defensive players on the pitch. Conversely, if the game is open and Laird and Robinson are ahead, expect the space behind them to be frequented by an opportunistic opponent, to be honest he will probably be the opponent in this duel.

Ethan Laird and Antonee Robinson will be shown a ticket (double) – 21/1 (Betfair)

Interior View – Fulham (Joe Sansom @FFCJoe of @FulhamishPod)
After returning from a single point after two major performances, Wednesday’s game gives Fulham a quick start. Swansea are in a transition season and Jokanovic reminded me of Fulham when he first took over – a clear philosophy (property-based football), probably without the tools to challenge at the top of the league … but when he clicks, he clicks.

I hope to fight the property, but if Swansea decides to go after us, I hope this will play into our hands. With the number of opportunities we are creating, we will continue the game soon, we hope to start on Wednesday evening.

Interior View – Swansea (Amy Clement @ AmyClement94)
First of all, I would like to tell you how wonderful the story with Rhys Porter has been. In his words, inclusions and hatreds will not win.

I think Swansea and Fulham are becoming an interesting arrangement, finding their feet in Swansea and keeping Fulham short. A month ago, I would have refused to take more than one point from Fulham, but the potential is there.

Martin’s Swansea’s difference from Cooper’s Swansea is very different, both in style and personal. It took a while to click through, but in the last few games we’ve definitely been able to see the brilliance of the team we can have (and Swans are all fans have been asking for). Even if there is not a long way to go for the finished product; as seen in the first part against Luton. Like Fulham in recent weeks, we often have plenty of opportunities but we don’t have enough clinics in front of the door.

Because Swansea must hurt Fulham, they must play bravely with a lot of intensity. I would have liked Ntcham to start the game because we have a better side on the field with him, but unfortunately he hasn’t been in full form since he entered. Watch out for Flynn Downes too, what a player. Am I scared of Mitrović? Yes, yes I am! My prediction? Low score: 1-1.

Bet Builder Treble – Harry Wilson – Anytime support, Fulham win -1 handicap, more than 7.5 corners – 10/1 (Betfair)

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