The “Festival of Wellbeing” was held at The Imperial Hotel in Janpath under the “Conference Theme: Wellbeing In The Digital ERA” on Friday, where speakers addressed the theme of “the baggage of mind and the evolution of coherence caused by bad memories”. shape ”.
Speakers explained how to dispel negative memories and move away from bad stress to build a healthy life. NewsX and The Sunday Guardian were the media partners for this event.
Speakers at the event also talked about how important habits are in completing mental well-being.
The initial note was about the “power of intent,” Dr. Annurag Batra, president and editor-in-chief of BW Businessworld and founder, said how grateful it is to promote one’s well-being in life and how health is. important. “Health is wealth,” he stressed again, saying, “The world doesn’t give you what you want, it gives you what you ask for.”
Keynote speaker Luke Coutinho, a world-renowned comprehensive lifestyle coach, gave exclusive insights into lifestyle, health and disease. He said that mental well-being is very important to be positive in life, and that the thought process and the shaping of things in our mind helps shape our thinking and prepare us for tomorrow. He said that the mind affects the whole body to build life around oneself. He added: “Food is an investment you make for yourself” and explained that sleeping better can lead to significant changes in one’s life: “Sleep is everything,” he said.
The audience valued Coutinho’s session, as he was contacted for talking about relative issues that hinder happiness in social and personal circles. He described the emotional deficit people are experiencing in society after the pandemic today: “To be happy is to communicate in a positive way within oneself.” He also talked about how mindfulness can speed up happiness.
Dr. Samir Parekh, director of Fortis ’national mental health and behavioral sciences department, spoke about psychological health, stressing that schools need to teach mental health curriculum, and also prepare students with digital media literacy. “There has to be help in finding behavior,” he said. Describing the importance of reinventing the support system, he said the pandemic has changed people’s attitudes toward relationships. It is always necessary to reinvent the whole system of support, which means helping each other at the core. When talking about today’s corporate culture, where large organizations often undermine the emotional well-being of employees, it is important for large corporations to be aware of the importance of mental health. Society needs to understand that creativity and problem-solving behaviors will help people to be emotionally happy and healthy.
Dr. Prakash Kothari also gave a talk on Dr. Holma’s holistic approach to improving sexual health and well-being. He said: “Health is a complete physical, mental and social well-being and not just a disease or absence of disease.” He established the relationship between nutrition and better sexual health. Healthy foods help to regulate activities along with yoga. The morning walk, exercises and exercises like yoga like Surya namaskar, Vajroli, Awhwini Mudra and Vajrasan help to keep you healthy. He also said that medicines become effective only if the body is in an empty state; therefore, choosing the right food for a healthy lifestyle is significant. “Sexual literacy is a basic condition for combating sexual anxiety and increasing sexual well-being,” she said.
The discussion at the second table was “happiness, a new word” and the vast gemology, palmistry, astrology, and numerology, respectively, were the science of well-being. The second session was about Anil Khandelwal talking about “prove your inner age” and then there was a talk about “awakening and strengthening our inner network connection”.
With Ruhail Amin, executive editor of BW Applause and Everything Experiential, Ms. Danijela Radonic Bhandari, an integrative wellness consultant and founder of Dana Veda, she said that one must awaken one’s inner self by doing yoga, pranayama, meditation and mindfulness. One must have a pure heart and be connected to one’s true difference. This real connection contributes to emotional and mental well-being.
During the pandemic, people realized the importance of health and fitness. Fitness is not a luxury, but an absolute necessity. Nawaz Modi Singhania, India’s leading fitness and wellness icon and founder of Body Art Witness Center, said, “There is a strong intention to create mindfulness exercise and practice. Because every person is different, diversity must be accepted and accepted.” Mental well-being and well-being he said that they go parallel to the physical.Remembering his childhood, he said that he had a weak immune system, so he constantly reminded himself of his well-being and thus began his journey.
Filmmaker Samir Soni, who is introverted, spoke about his journey to mental well-being. He said the definition of success has changed in the modern world, where people find happiness in the materialistic world. “Happiness is subjective,” he said as he pointed to the journey from anxiety to happiness. He also stressed that in order to understand himself, he needs to spend some time with himself.
Managing Director and Director of Anil Khandewal, Yogicsecret and Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. said: “Our body is made up of 70% water, so it is important to drink water for the healthy functioning of the body. To be a healthy and better person, you need to drink enough water and follow the principles of Cleanliness, Patience, Kindness and Sweetness.” Because people are unaware of how their body works, most people abandon healthy habits that improve their lifestyle and keep them healthy.
In a one-on-one interview with Anurag Batra, His Majesty, 8. Ladekh’s Choekyong Palga Rinpoch, a Buddhist teacher and religious speaker, said: “When I gained a great deal of wealth, I was not happy, but disappointed. I took a simple one. “Consciousness must be used to learn from pain and to understand life from the heart. Being compassionate to others also helps to understand life. Humility and awareness through meditation and wisdom will help you move forward in life in peace.” we can delete it, ”he said.
Another keynote speaker, Dr. Ashish Ambasta, founder and CEO of HappyPlus, said: “Most people in the workplace are unhappy with their managers and compensation. Such a toxic environment also affects their learning and development. So people always it seeks organizations that make them happier. ”Those who enjoy their work believe that work is not a burden, but a form of expression.Good leadership will be improved with great action plans, a change in policies, and changes in the attitudes of managers and employees.
Chef Ranveer Brar, a famous chef and restaurateur, said that a person falls for food because it stimulates all the senses. “If a person prioritizes the stomach, it will be wrong, a person should taste everything, You should taste everything; that way you feed your senses and not your stomach ”. He said, “I always say taste everything and eat nothing.”
Ms. Suzy Singh, a mental health coach in her only talk on breaking karmic lies, asked, “Have you met anyone who has just had a life like this (up)?” He added: “Everyone’s life goes like this (up and down).”
Singh said: “We have been conditioned to be afraid of suffering, to escape suffering, but without stirring milk, there is no butter and without suffering there is no growth.”
He continued: “If you have a problem with self-worth or self-confidence, start building other people and because of their success, I will tell you that this is a magical formula because it will transform your relationship with me.”
After Singh’s talk, there was a discussion at Round Table 3: “The key to better well-being and the need for incubators to launch well-being”.
Antano Solar John and Harini Ramachandran shared their opinion on how insomnia has come on the path to well-being. Ramachandran said the mind is looking for some kind of satisfaction and is not very happy at the end of the day because there are so many things involved, “because we look at all aspects of our lives and think about fixing them” and all. , the most important thing is sleep, it should start with sleep.
Advait Yogbhushan spoke about the careless imbalance caused in his life, saying, “There is no way to erase the memory of your past, after the past. A tragedy, you should put yourself in the same line and move forward, your body chemicals will work well and you will be balanced. Illustration means ordering in your life. ”
Dr. Micky Mehra directed another freelancer on “The mind is medicine” where he contacted people to encourage them to participate in yoga. He said, “Let’s look at each other and laugh.” He told the audience to release their breath and relax. SK Shivani, spiritual guide and tutor, gave a special talk on “rebuilding a corporate culture of trust to gradually overcome the mistrust created by the pandemic”. He asked the audience, “Who is the creator of my thoughts and feelings?” The audience responded, “One creates one’s thoughts and feelings.” He said, “It is the self that needs to change in order to be happy.”
Today Gopal Das, a renowned lifestyle coach and speaker, explained several commandments that ensure the well-being of an individual’s lifestyle. While explaining the importance of the first order, he said: “Taking responsibility for physical, mental, financial and professional well-being is one of the keys to an individual’s well-being.” Also, another commandment is to prioritize what we value in our lives. This prioritized practice will bring attention, and that attention will help us invest in the things we value in life. Actions like this help bring about transformations. Continuous comparison affects emotional well-being and envy, security. It is also important to avoid the toxic positive that others and oneself impose, so it is important to avoid the toxic positive approach. Authenticity also helps in realizing what one is getting, if they stop paying attention to being able or able to have the opinions of others. After the spectacular “Festival of Wellbeing,” there was a presentation of the BW Wellbeing World Leadership Takes and 40 40’s under 40 themes. The event ended with an awards ceremony, where the winners were rewarded for their innovative business ideas in the field of wellness and fitness.