Corey Shelton is obsessed with weightlifting.

An unofficial world record for Disabled Men 2, in the 220-pound weight class, the World Bank and Association of the Dead (WABDL), Shelton has spent his entire life lifting heavy things.

In 2016, he hit 337 pounds in a Jonesboro competition. A whole pound on the world record.

Despite capturing the film’s prowess, the weightlifting organization, which was not prepared for world record attempts, was unable to officially credit Shelton with the record.

He currently weighs 385 pounds with 5 ’8” weightlifting. He plans to put on 400 pounds before the end of the year.

“The world record for the Olympics is, in my opinion, 390 or 395,” Shelton said. “My goal is to get 400 next month. I lost 385 pounds last week. “

The 26-year-old is at Anytime Fitness, Mountain Home, in his new gym, after he suffered a thyroid problem and injuries sustained in a 2017 truck accident that broke his bike and cracked his ribs.

In 2018 he tore a chest muscle while he was lifting.

Corey Shelton and his bride Jamie Woods.  The Shelton Disabled Men 2 is an unofficial record for the 220-pound World Bank and Deadlifters World Weightlifting.

Shelton has worked out in the gym twice a week with the help of club manager Bryan Shriver Anytime Fitness and experienced gym member Malina Calloway. Ricky Rodeo, a professional wrestler from Tennessee, helps Shelton maintain his diet.

The Corey Shelton bench weighs in at 375 pounds.  Shelton currently wants to compete in the U.S. Powerlifting Association.

“I love to eat. Of course, as you can tell, ”Shelton said. “I wouldn’t weigh in if it weren’t for him. I literally lost 10 pounds in less than 24 hours. “

A native of Cherokee Village, Shelton was diagnosed with autism as a child.

Growing up on a farm as a young man, Shelton began to grow up when he was nine years old. At age 14, Shelton said he started taking weightlifting seriously.