Amazon Astro debuted at Amazon event


That’s this Amazon event! Thank you for continuing. Stay tuned for more coverage on all products and services announced today. If you need us, we’ll be wondering if a $ 999 robot with our eyes will keep our house safe or scare our pets.

The Astro is priced at $ 999 and is now available by invitation only through Amazon’s Day One program. Are you asking for one?

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Another Ring ad, and this one less … drone-y. Ring Alarm Pro updates the Ring Alarm home security system, a smart home security system and subscription control program based on smart devices. It’s a complete collection of devices, from door and window sensors to bell-ringing cameras and security cameras that can be placed around your property.

Ring Alarm Pro at the Amazon event

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With the Ring Alarm Pro update, the home security system is significantly upgraded by combining it with an Eero Wi-Fi 6 network router, providing full home Wi-Fi with a fast connection and network security and the security of your physical home. The combination should protect your home from the inside out and give you a great Wi-Fi experience, which will also serve as the backbone of all your ring devices.

The Ring Always Home camera drone is back, and this time you can order it through Amazon’s Day One program for $ 249.99. If you want an indoor drone that can make things fly out of your home while you’re away, this is the Ring device you’ve been waiting for.

At the Amazon event at Ring Always Home Cam

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Amazon Halo is receiving a number of updates, starting with Halo View, with a $ 79.99 fitness tracker on display. As you may recall, the original Amazon Halo is a good fitness tracker, but it doesn’t show any time or workout metrics. Now, the Amazon Halo View looks like a Fitbit, with an AMOLED display and a 7-day battery life.

Amazon Halo View premiered at Amazon Event

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Halo View comes with a one-year membership to Amazon Halo service, which usually costs a monthly fee. The service is being updated with two key programs: Halo Fitness and Halo Nutrition.

Halo Fitness is a training service with hundreds of quality studio workouts led by industry experts. It also integrates with hardware for real-time metering. Halo Fitness will open this year.

Halo Nutrition is a healthy eating service that organizes meals based on hundreds of recipes from trusted nutrition brands. The service offers pre-maintained weekly menus with a list of foods that match your Alexa shopping list. Halo Nutrition comes early next year.

Amazon Halo Fitness at the Amazon event

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What the hell is Amazon Glow? No, not the clear Amazon Echo Glow – Amazon Glow is a weird stand-up device with an integrated projector as a way for kids to connect with their grandparents or friends through interactive games and activities.

We’ve never really seen a smart screen like Amazon Glow. It combines physical and digital objects, along with object scanning, in an ambitious effort to help children experience both creative and social situations at the same time.

Amazon Glow debuted at the Amazon Event

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In terms of content, Amazon has acquired videos and games from Disney, Mattel, Nickelodeon and Sesame Workshop. It plans to work with other child-friendly companies in the future and is opening an SDK for developers.

Amazon Glow debuted at the Amazon Event

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Amazon Glow is working through the company’s Day One program, which allows guests to purchase a new display for $ 249.99 for the first access.

Wow, it looks like Amazon shot this part of the movie at Disneyland in California. Boy, do we want to be there?

A new collaboration revolves around the Alexa version called “Hey Disney”. At Disney Parks and Resorts, the Alexa-sponsored AI connects guests with their favorite Disney characters. Alexa offers the Disney experience to Disney fans, enhancing guest experiences with park information, hotel services and more.

Hello Disney voices at the Amazon event

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Hey you can buy Disney separately. Although the partnership is designed to enhance station and park experiences, users will be able to bring some magic to Echo speakers at home. Will you complete the experience with an Echo Show stand with Mickey ingredients?

The Mickey-inspired stand was displayed at the Amazon event at the Echo Show 5 booth

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Now for Amazon Kids Plus ads. Amazon Kids Plus members will get more content, including the Do Re Me show, the Super Spy Me mobile game, the Lego Monkie Kid show, and the Blippi Tree House series that inspire kids to immerse themselves in the world around them.

These shows and games will be available on Echo Show and Fire Tablet devices.

Meet the Amazon Echo Show 15, the company’s largest smart display yet. It will come later this year for $ 249.99.

As a kitchen TV, the Echo Show 15 looks like a smart frame, or perhaps the look of the Samsung Family Hub, with the refrigerator removed. It can be mounted on the wall so that you and your family can easily see all kinds of information and content.

Amazon Echo Show 15 has a new interface to use with the Alexa widget so you can customize the screen to fit your family’s programming, dining, and communication needs. The sticky note widget is very good.

The Amazon Echo Show 15 premiered at the Amazon event

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Another widget shows you the controls for all the Alexa compatible devices you use the most. You can also view live Ring camera views so you can see who is at the door while you’re in the kitchen or listening to music.

The screen also offers 1080p playback to watch news or sessions on Amazon Prime Video. Sling TV will soon be coming to Echo Show devices as well.

Finally, the next-gen AZ2 processor on the new screen allows for faster and faster processing of the device. The AZ2 processor also supports visual ID. This allows you to get to know Echo Show 15 using your camera. The screen can then display custom content for your schedule or preferred content.

Amazon has just announced an Amazon Smart Thermostat in partnership with Honeywell Home for $ 59.99. Pretty competitive price, if you ask us. Of course, the thermostat is compatible with Alexa, so you can set habits for your temperature needs throughout the day. It should also work with most existing air conditioning systems.

The Amazon Smart Thermostat was unveiled at Amazon’s 2021 event

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Time to talk about privacy. According to Amazon, privacy is an opportunity for invention. Customers with the US Echo Show 10 or the latest Amazon Echo (4th generation) can have all the commands processed on the device without sending anything to the cloud.

Let’s talk about Environmental Intelligence. Environmental intelligence is when artificial intelligence (AI) adapts to your environment, helps you when you need it, and takes you back when you don’t. So in addition to learning how to become intelligent on Amazon’s AI, you also learn to grow in your life and needs. Awesome, or great?

The Amazon event is happening now! It opened with a nice montage of moments captured by Alexa and Ring’s cameras. It goes to show how well these smart home devices are integrated into our lives.

Hold! A few minutes before the start of the Amazon event, some press images appeared to be waiting to enter the room. We just took a look at it, but it looks like the company is announcing a new Amazon Halo product, a kind of thermostat, and a Disney-branded Amazon Echo.

While we wait, let’s take a look at the history of events on Amazon. This is the second year that the company’s fall product event is virtual. Unlike Samsung, Google, Apple and many other players out there, Amazon doesn’t open its keywords for public viewing. That said, Amazon will be reporting the event on its live blog. While not as interesting as ours, it is a great source to learn more about the services and devices announced today.

Before public safety measures were changed to virtual events, Amazon regularly held a drop-in event. It’s done at the beautiful Amazon Spheres in Seattle, where after a presentation, members of the press can get involved with the new hardware.

We are about 20 minutes from the start. Amazon has opened a virtual waiting room for live streaming, with a countdown timer and some tunes. Tom’s Guide is currently playing with Khalid’s film “Better,” and we can’t help but wonder if it’s anything better than techtember?

Amazon live event blog, countdown is activated!

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Are you happy with today’s Amazon event? We don’t know much about what’s to come, but we’re in for some fun surprises. Lead writer Tom’s Guide (and the voice of this live blog) took Kate Kozuch to Twitter yesterday to share some of her predictive predictions, given the mysterious atmosphere at the event.

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