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An easy way to manage your warfarin

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A great resource for monitoring INR

I just started on warfarin / lovenox, and my clinic gave me a paper log to track INR. This does the same thing and takes out most of the busy work. I highly recommend this for anyone on anticoagulants.

Christina Robison, US App Store

Great app!

After being diagnosed with pulmonary embolism for the second time in one year, I searched for an app, to monitor my inr and my medication. I really love youre app, its really easy to use, and works great!Thnx!

Natho_ Netherlands App Store

A necessity for INR tracking

For those of us on blood-thinning medication, it's essential to keep track of our dosage, test results, and upcoming appointments, and this app succeeds in all ways. Wonderfully functional and beautifully designed. I plan on using this app for years and look forward to seeing how this app gets even better.

Pincy_pie, UK App Store

Very happy to have found this app

I've been using the app for over a month now and am extremely pleased. Very good in terms of tracking and appointment scheduling. Support has been very responsive when questions arise and they appear to be diligent in improving the apps effectiveness as evidenced by the most recent update and added features.

Rob Supan, US App Store

Thank you!!

I've just been diagnosed with a PE & my life has turned upside down this is so helpful, I'll be using it daily.

Pelia, Aus App Store

Genuinely useful. Very handy

Great little programme. It keeps all your INR needs in one place. Quick access to the clinic phone number too. Overall, it has helped me control my Warfarin better. Can't say fairer. It's a buy from me.

CaptFishFeeder, UK App Store

Good little app

This is a good and handy app just to keep track of things and to keep you on top of your information. Brief instructions would be nice but if you just play around with it you'll get the hang of it soon enough. Well Done.

Troy Mcintosh, Aus App Store
  • Record your INR

    Track, monitor and store your complete INR history in place.

  • Daily dosage reminders

    Keep your dosage times consistent and never miss a dosage.

  • Appointment calendar

    Store your appointments in one place.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Setting up and getting started

  • Entering your dosage

  • How do I enter an alternate dosage?

  • Setting dosage reminders

  • Entering a new INR reading?

  • Setting your next appointment

  • What is Medication total?

  • I'm not self testing, can I use the App?

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